The Republican House leadership caucuses are currently meeting to decide who their next House Speaker will be. The desire for new blood is strong. The desire to represent all factions is too. The NYTimes presents the full slate of potential candidates in the House and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. View the list of candidates for Speaker:

1. Front-Runner: Kevin McCarthy

Although Mr. McCarthy is in his fifth term, he has never been the chairman of a committee and he has limited legislative accomplishments. He would be one of the most inexperienced speakers in history.

2. Challenger: Jason Chaffetz of Utah

Mr. Chaffetz has a long history of taking advantage of opportunities, and little compunction about challenging a member of his own party.

3. Hard Right: Daniel Webster of Florida

Representative Daniel Webster is largely unknown, with no political apparatus.

4. In the Wings: Paul Ryan of Wisconsin

Representative Paul D. Ryan could unite all elements of the House Republican conference, he has the respect of every party faction and the loyalty of the vast middle of the House.

5. Next Man Up: Steve Scalise of Louisiana

If Mr. Scalise loses his bid for majority leader, he is likely to remain as whip even if he faces a challenge. Deposing a sitting leader is not easy.

6. “If Only”: Trey Gowdy of South Carolina

He has shown no interest in the job.

7. Red State Leadership: Tom Price of Georgia

He is an uncompromising conservative with strong support on the right of the conference.’

8. Next In Line: Patrick McHenry of North Carolina

He is the current chief deputy whip.

9. Plotter and Planner: Peter Roskam of Illinois

Past leadership experience could give him a base of support.

10. Perennial: Pete Sessions of Texas

Mr. Sessions has always had difficulty articulating why he should be a leader and what he would do with the post.

11. Dark Horse: Dennis Ross of Florida

He is a senior deputy whip, so he has other House Republicans on speed dial.



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