The real woman behind Donald Trump is not his wife. It’s his daughter, Ivanka. (Of course, we all [kinda] knew that.) In this expose on her by Politico, we get to know the 36 year-old Ivanka Trump’s vastly different style than her dad’s. Her un-braggadocio sense of business-cool she brings to his presidential campaign, such that it melts over onto Donald’s now political-cool style.

1. The woman behind the man

2. Same blood, different takes

Via Father and daughter meet the world with vastly different styles. Where Donald speaks in a stream-of-consciousness manner that sometimes lurches into the absurd and often gets him in trouble, Ivanka is extremely careful in her public statements. She consistently strikes the proper notes when asked about her father, praising his record and avoiding controversy.

She acknowledges that her father turns to her for advice and insists that she wouldn’t be where she is in life if her father didn’t “deeply believe in opportunities for women.”

Ivanka Trump never dwells on scandal and leaves the details of policy to her father.
In a family that values loyalty, led by a patriarch who sees a world full of enemies, Ivanka is consistently on-message about her larger-than-life father.

Ivanka uses words like “conservative” and “gatekeeper” to describe her approach to business and explained that her generation will not continue the spectacle that has been her father’s life in business and now politics.

According to Donald, negativity is not a Trump family value, and he generally interprets reality in a way that allows him to appear superior, if not heroic. But where her father sees black and white, Ivanka is able to see gray. She doesn’t have to win every contest and she can allow that others may be right, even in their skepticism toward her.

Ivanka’s willingness to allow that someone else may be right, even in his or her judgment of a person named Trump, contrasts with her father’s habit of arguing every criticism and reframing issues so that he comes out on top. Via

3. The joy of his heart as well



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