Gen. John Campbell seeks new options to the planned U.S. Army’s strategic draw-down of forces in Afghanistan, since the Taliban’s presence and strength is now growing, and ISIS has now entered the country. The recent accidental hospital bombing occurred during a Taliban attack in Kunduz, as the city was being overrun by enemy forces supplied by Iran.

1. Top general in Afghanistan reports to Congress

2. ISIS-Taliban forces retaking Afghanistan

Via The top commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan said Tuesday that he needs to adjust troop level recommendations to respond to the growing strength of ISIS and al Qaeda.

Campbell said the reasons for revamping the existing plan include the strengthening of ISIS, “an increased al Qaeda presence,” and the “upsurge” in insurgent violence in some areas of Afghanistan.

ISIS – or Daesh in Arabic, as Campbell referred to the group during his testimony — remains one of the general’s top priorities, he told the Senate committee.

“In the last year, we have observed the movement’s increased recruiting efforts and growing operational capacity,” he said, adding that there were currently 1,000 to 3,000 ISIS members active in Afghanistan.

The Taliban went into Kunduz with the goal of harming civilians, Campbell said. The United Nations estimates that 70% of civilian deaths have been at the hands of the Taliban, Campbell said.

Campbell said that while police were in Kunduz and the Afghan army was outside of the city, law enforcement was not prepared for the Taliban’s most recent attack.

“The Afghans, and quite frankly coalitions, were surprised when the Taliban were able to take over Kunduz City,” Campbell said. Via


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