“Sexual rights” to Include Pedophilia?


Obama, the first Gay President as Newsweek has described him, is relentlessly pushing “sexual rights” now. On his recent trip to Kenya, after being asked by the President of Kenya and by the largest ministers council there not to promote homosexuality, he did so anyway.

Now, the Pope comes to Washington, D.C. and Obama invites several Transgender activists, and the first Homosexual Episcopalian Bishop, and a nun who supports abortion, to be in attendance at the White House ceremony for the Pope. Last week, Obama appointed an openly homosexual man as the new Secretary of the Army.

Finally, this feature story in the Daily Mail about the normalization of pedophilia, as merely another sexual orientation. As predicted, the press will promote sex between men and children now that the door is open. The story is about how one man says, “Gee, I am not a pervert, I am a pedophile who loves of young people. That just happens to be how my sexual orientation works.”

Discovery of an alternate sexuality


“Explaining” away pedophilia as an “orientation”

A liberal news website has published an essay by a self-described pedophile asking Americans to ‘learn to accept’ people like him and attempting to raise awareness about their ‘sexual orientation’.

The controversial op-ed was written by Tennessee-based graphic designer Todd Nickerson and appeared on Salon.com on Monday.

In it Nickerson explains how being being a pedophile is a ‘curse of the first order’.

‘I’ve been stuck with the most unfortunate of sexual orientations, a preference for a group of people who are legally, morally and psychologically unable to reciprocate my feelings and desires,’ Nickerson wrote.

The point of the essay is to try and debunk the concept that all pedophile’s are predators.
Nickerson maintains he has never given into his urges and assaulted a child or used child pornography. via Daily Mail


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