If a budget agreement cannot be reached by the end of September, the federal government could shut down. And the president is not waiting until then to point his finger at the Republicans. He is trying to map out his own high-ground to say he supports the military and the middle-class in this budget.

1. Budget Battle Coming Up for Obama

The president is pushing for his priorities in the budget.

2. Already Blaming the Republicans.

A possible federal government shutdown is still nearly a month away, but President Obama on Saturday began to lay the blame for such a shutdown at the feet of Republican leaders in Congress.

In his weekly address, the president said Republicans are playing games with the economy by once again allowing the end of the fiscal year to draw near without a budget deal in place. The fiscal year ends Sept. 30. If Congress doesn’t reach a budget agreement by then, the government will shut down for the second time in two years.

Mr. Obama said, “If they make smart investments in our military readiness, our infrastructure, our schools, public health, and research, I’ll sign that budget — and they know that.” via Washington Times


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