Gloating on the left on left bashing dumped on actor Matt Damon, Michelle Malkin points out how the hypocrisy of the left showed no mercy on one of their own this time. A twinge of common sense, where ability had more weight in a director’s decision than ethnicity, created a torrent of common outrage.

1. Oh dearie, Matt, what did you say?

2. The entertainment left’s hypocrisy shines through

Outspoken celebrity Democratic activist/donor Matt Damon opened his mouth and let the truth about the Left’s superficial commitment to “diversity” slip out.

Liberal ideologues are furiously whacking the relentless GOP-bashing actor for his “white privilege.” 

Huffington Post huffed that Damon was “tone-deaf.” CBS News reported: “Internet outraged after Matt Damon interrupts black woman filmmaker to explain diversity.” The holier-than-thou white leftists at sneered at Damon for donning his “Smart White Man” cape. One enraged YouTuber headlined the exchange: “Matt Damon goes ‘Massa’ on producer Effie Brown.”

Poor dear. Damon is guilty of a classic Kinsleyan gaffe—accidentally telling a political truth—and I’m enjoying every second of these chickens coming home to roost on his smug little lap. For decades, the “progressive” champions of government affirmative action policies have used minorities as highly visible Christmas ornaments to assuage liberal white guilt. It’s always been for show.

Damon and his ilk routinely attack Tea Party conservatives as racists and bigots. They savage the GOP for not being “inclusive” enough. They lambaste Fox News for being too “white” and “blonde.” via Michelle Malkin


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