The Democrats look good and feel good by making the Republicans look bad and feel bad. Vox writer Matthew Yglesias opens the jewelry-studded box of the Democrat perception and shows us the rusty trinkets inside. For instance, the fact is the Republicans have majorities in most legislatures, hold most governorships, and sit with majorities in both houses of Congress. And, if that’s not understandable, then throw this gem on the table: it’s the flexibility of policy lines within the Republicans that create their strength – their maneuverability on issues is not a weak point. Thus, the Democrats are blinded by their own ideological box.

1. Not facing the reality

2. The GOP is flexible

Liberals accustomed to chuckling over the ideological rigor of the House GOP caucus won’t want to hear this, but one of the foundations of the GOP’s broad national success is a reasonable degree of ideological flexibility. via Vox

3. The Dems are smug

In some ways, the Democrats’ biggest disadvantage is simply their current smugness. A party that controls such a small share of elected offices around the country is a party that should be engaged in vigorous debate about how to improve its fortunes. Much of the current Republican infighting — embarrassing and counterproductive though it may be at times — reflects the healthy impulse to recognize that the party lacks the full measure of power that it desires, and needs to argue about optimal strategies for obtaining it.

On the Democratic side, the personal political success of Barack Obama has created an atmosphere of complacency and overconfidence. If a black guy with the middle name Hussein can win the White House, the thinking seems to be, then anything is possible. Consequently, the party is marching steadily to the left on its issue positions — embracing same-sex marriage, rediscovering enthusiasm for gun control, rejecting the January 2013 income tax rate settlement as inadequate, raising its minimum wage aspirations to the $12-to-$15 range, abandoning the quest for a grand bargain on balancing the budget while proposing new entitlements for child care and parental leave — even though existing issue positions seem incompatible with a House majority or any meaningful degree of success in state politics. via Vox

4. Red states predominate




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