Hillary Clinton is distinguishing herself from President Obama on foreign policy, domestic issues, and, well, maybe on international trade – as a pending deal the President is working on weighs in the balance. Hillary is still working to compile a stance on that. On some issues, like gun-control, she is delivering a message further left than Obama, talking about executive action on guns.

1. Not running for Obama’s “third term”

2. Hillary defines herself, even from her husband

via Washington Times As Clinton looks for ways to distinguish her ideas from those of her former boss, the relationship between the man in the White House and the woman who hopes to replace him has grown increasingly complicated.

The awkward dynamic isn’t a surprise: Both Clinton’s campaign and the Obama administration have always said the time would come when the candidate would outline her own policies and deliver criticisms, both implied and direct, of the president.

“I am not running for my husband’s third term or President Obama’s third term,” Clinton told voters in Davenport, repeating an oft-used line from her stump speech. “I’m running for my first term.”

While she frequently commends the president, Clinton has been offering critiques of his policies more and more.

Last month, she came out against the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast, while the administration remains undecided. In August, she said Obama’s decision to approve offshore drilling in the Arctic wasn’t “worth the risk” to the environment. And she’s subtly resurrected her 2008 primary attack of Obama’s approach to world affairs, taking a more hawkish stance toward Russia, Syria and Iran.

On both immigration and gun control, she’s vowed to use her executive power to do more than the president, implying that Obama’s actions have not gone quite far enough.

No issue presents more potential for friction than trade. Clinton promises to “definitely have a position soon.” via Washington Times



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