For the upcoming Senate vote on the nuclear arms deal with Iran – an untrustworthy, unfriendly U.S. partner – three more senators joined Harry Reid, despite their reservations, to support a filibuster fight in the Senate to approve the deal. Hearing these Democratic senators’ reasons for supporting the Iran deal gives one the feeling that it is a type of capitulation of the sort “it’s better than nothing,” or “we can’t stop them other ways.” That’s got to be a lame excuse for not asserting American negotiating interests.

1. President applauds Sen. Reid for his filibuster effort.

2. A test of senate minority strength.

The deal President Obama and other world leaders struck with Iran is the “best chance” to stop the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday in a speech setting the stage for the intense floor fight over the agreement.

Three new senators declared support for the deal Tuesday morning, giving Democrats 41 backers of the agreement. That is enough to guarantee they can sustain their filibuster and bottle the debate up in the Senate.

Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut called the agreement “better than no deal at all,” while Gary Peters of Michigan said he was only “reluctantly” backing it, and still had “serious reservations.” Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon, meanwhile, said he was swayed by the fact that other countries appear ready to accept the deal, so the U.S.’s opposition would be wasted.

On the other side, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said, “I believe that to be a superpower, you must possess super diplomatic skills, and I believe that we can use these skills to negotiate a better deal.”

Some Republicans are now regretting the process they agreed to earlier this year to give a small minority of Democrats the power to uphold the deal. via The Washington Times


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