Numerous frightening issues line the 50 pages of the intelligence report outlining how the Paris terrorists operated, how they built their bombs, how they communicated and traveled without being detected, and how their training was excellent, as reported in this Irish Times article.

Donald Trump is correct about the need to seal America’s borders and temporarily stop Muslims from entering the United States. Angela Merkel of Germany and other European leaders have let in the killers en masse as they hide among the immigrants fleeing Syria. Perhaps we need to suggest solutions for some broader questions, too, such as, “How can we return back the vast majority of men fleeing the Syrian war and ISIS, who have already entered Europe?” And, “Could we create safe zones in the Middle East, where they can be trained and prepared to fight for the return of their territory and their family homes?”

1. How Many Paris Attackers Involved?

Irish Times: They [Syrian terrorists] have exploited weaknesses in Europe’s border controls to slip in and out undetected, and worked with a high-quality forger in Belgium to acquire false documents.

The scale of the network that supported the attacks, which took 130 lives and wounded 813 people, has also surprised officials, as President François Hollande of France acknowledged on Friday. There are now 20 people in detention in six countries on suspicion of assisting the attackers.

French officials have repeatedly warned citizens that more attacks are possible, saying security and intelligence officials cannot track all the Europeans travelling to and from Islamic State strongholds in Syria and Iraq. And western intelligence officials say their working assumption is that additional Islamic State terrorism networks are already in Europe, with more being formed. See Full Story at Irish Times 

2. How Many Bombers Trained in Syria?

Irish Times: When the anti-criminal brigade of France’s national police arrived at the bistro, the Comptoir Voltaire, it found electrical wires in the bomber’s flesh. The wires were still attached to a white object, which in turn was next to a single alkaline nine-volt battery. Officials involved in the investigation say that the residue from the explosive used in the bistro tested positive for a peroxide-based explosive, triacetone triperoxide, or TATP. It has become the signature explosive for Islamic State operations in Europe, and it can be made with common products – hair bleach and nail polish remover – easily obtained over-the-counter across Europe. See Full Story at Irish Times 

3. Evidence Reveals Skilled Bomb Makers

Irish Times: The reason the terrorist group uses this particular explosive, experts say, is the availability of the ingredients. But creating an effective bomb can be tricky, and the success in setting off bomb after bomb is indicative of the group’s training and skill.

“Their ingredients, when combined, are highly unstable and can explode easily if mishandled,” Peter Bergen, director of the National Securities Studies Program at the New America Foundation, said during recent congressional testimony. “To make an effective TATP bomb requires real training, which suggests a relatively skilled bomb-maker was involved in the Paris plot, since the terrorists detonated several bombs. It also suggests that there was some kind of bomb factory that, as yet, appears to be undiscovered, because putting together such bombs requires some kind of dedicated space.”  See Full Story at Irish Times 


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