Every major media channel out there (CNN, NYTimes, MSNBC, Washington Post) reported that nothing new came forth from the congressional questioning of Hillary Clinton on Thursday. Instead they reported that she looked presidential and that the hearing was a political attempt to discredit her campaign.

FOX’s Megyn Kelly, however, reported a most damning piece of news for Hillary Clinton came out of the hearing. See the following video segments.

Secretary Clinton pronounced in the days after the Benghazi terrorist attack that it was a film that caused spontaneous protests at the American embassy. At the hearing, however, an email was revealed in which Clinton, in the hours after the attack, shared that she knew it was a planned terrorist attack by Al Qaeda.

If anything, the story coming out of the White House at that time was changed for clearly political reasons – remember it was less than two months before the presidential election – to protect President Obama’s re-election bid from the negative fallout.

The real story, as revealed at Thursday’s hearing, was that over 600 requests had been submitted by Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens for increased security measures. The third video here, by Mediaite, reveals a telling response by Mrs. Clinton to questioning about those requests for additional security measures — she literally brushes them off as humorous.

3. Clinton laughed off security requests

Watch Video Here

4. Clinton talks her way out



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