Chris Christie has no fear of telling us about what he thinks of Donald Trump, as he rivets us in this article by Claude Brodesser-Akner for NJ Advance Media. Instead, he fears what would happen if Trump, a non-politician, goes to Washington. Christie believes that a mere outsider, which includes Ben Carson, cannot fight the politics of Washington. It’s going to need someone politically astute and connected to change the course of Washington, something that no mere “outsider” without political experience can do. That, of course, makes him the best guy to fit bill, to provide the political muscle, being political yet from New Jersey.

1. Washington needs a “political outsider”


2. Christie says Trump would be bad news

via So what does Gov. Chris Christie really think of Donald Trump?

“People ask Mary Pat and I all the time, when they find out we’ve been friends with them for that long, ‘What’s he really like?'” Christie said, pausing. “That’s it. That is it: You go out to dinner with him? That’s it. You sit down? He starts talking. He keeps talking while he’s eating. He keeps talking when the check comes. And he talks to you all the way to the car — and about himself. That’s it.”

“After we got done, Mary Pat and I got in the car, and she looked at me and said, ‘I’m exhausted. He’s exhausting. It’s exhausting to listen to him.'”

Christie’s pitch to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire will be offer a middle path between those with no experience in government like Trump, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson or former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, and Beltway insiders like U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

“What I would suggest you want someone who is not part of Washington D.C., who actually knows how to build something, knows how to do something,” said the governor. “That’s what you’re going to want.”

Trump and Carson, are “clearly not part of the problem,” allowed Christie, but “after Day One, when you demolish everything, what’s next? What’s next?”

“You’re not going to want to see what’s next,” he warned. “You think it looks bad now? Wait. It’ll get worse.”

“I understand that you have to work with people,” Christie said. “That’s the kind of person you need as president.” via



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