A recent PEW study shows that millennials have become sensitive to antagonistic speech, to the point that they would support laws enforcing “kinder” speech. Of course, the wording of the surveys make all the difference. Read for yourself this article in HotAir. The cavalier attitude of the young indicated by this survey may portend their support for content police. The power of Free Speech, however, must never be diminished. To offend another, though not healthy in itself, must be protected to keep freedom of speech safe. The greater good over individual feelings, which differ so widely, is the ability to speak your mind.

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2. Do millennials disagree with free speech?

Via HotAir.com A bad day for free speech — You’re going to look at these numbers, and then I’m going to depress you even more by arguing that they could have easily been worse with a few simple tweaks of the question’s phrasing.

Forty percent. Still a minority, but one that’s large enough to grow into a majority in the short term with just a few more years of cultural drift.

A majority of Democrats already favor criminalizing “hate speech.” In that context, the 40 percent result among millennials in the Pew poll seems not completely terrible. How do we reconcile the two?

I think it has to do with wording. YouGov asked about speech that stirs up “hatred,” a stronger term than the “offensive” speech described by Pew. We all know people who find innocuous things “offensive” — they’re responsible for 90 percent of the content on the Internet — but “hatred” is harder to mistake. The numbers in the Pew poll may be lower than they are in YouGov because people think “offensiveness” is too hazy a standard to justify criminalization.

If Pew had mentioned hatred instead, they might have gotten their majority after all. More importantly, though, the Pew and YouGov polls imagine different types of legal action. YouGov sticks to after-the-fact criminal punishment for hatred; Pew, though, is asking about the government taking proactive measures to “prevent” people from saying things that are offensive to minorities, a.k.a. prior restraint. Via HotAir.com

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