The FBI is now bringing in it’s non-partisan A-Team to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email server. It is looking like “gross negligence” on the part of Mrs. Clinton in handling, or rather mis-handling classified information and allowing that information to be sent to unsecured email recipients. This is an extremely serious felony at the federal level. See the following FoxNews video at minute 3:40 to hear compelling explanation of the investigation by Catherine Herridge.

1. Clinton using her email devices.

Clinton is no stranger to using her devices for email communications.’

2. Watch compelling explanation at minute 3:40

3. See the full story at FoxNews

Fox News put additional questions to Pagliano’s attorney, Mark J. MacDougall, Friday about whether his client played a direct role or had knowledge of the server scrub, but MacDougall said there was nothing further to add beyond the letter.

An intelligence source who confirmed to Fox that the FBI’s “A-team” was handling the Clinton email case, described the investigation as “moving along well,” adding investigators remain “confident” deleted records can be recovered because whoever did the scrub may “not be a very good IT guy. There are different standards to scrub when you do it for government vs. commercial.” Fox News




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