Throughout the summer, Donald Trump has been pumped up by supporters, so much that he floats above the normal political word-traps. In the following article, you’ll hear why. And you’ll begin to believe that he has more than a chance. In fact, many believe him to be just what America needs.

1. The people like him for his bombast.

Donald Trump insults and exaggerates. And gets applauded for it.

2. He represents success for America.

Listen to these voters:

—”It’s totally refreshing. He’s not politically correct. He has a backbone and he cannot be bought,” said Leigh Ann Crouse, 55, of Dubuque, Iowa.

—”This country needs a businessman just like him to put us back on track, to make us stop being the laughing stock of this world,” said Ken Brand, 56, of Derry, New Hampshire.

—”He says everything that I would like to say, but I’m afraid to say. What comes out of his mouth is not what he thinks I want to hear,” said Janet Boyden, 67, of Chester, Massachusetts.

— “At least we know where he stands,” said Kurt Esche, 49, an independent who was at Trump’s recent rally outside Boston. “These other guys, I don’t trust anything that comes out of their mouths. They’re lying to get elected. This guy’s at least saying what he believes.”

“He may have started as a joke,” Esche said, “but he may be the real deal.”

— “As crazy as it might be, I think he’s addressing something that needs to be heard,” said Randy Thomas, 40, of Bedford, New Hampshire. “I think he’s saying something that everybody thinks always has to be addressed. If you have a country of laws, you have to abide by the laws.” via Yahoo




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