Hillary Clinton listeningTo all of us, who are glued to the news, watching the election, the story unfolds as written by its author, Hillary Clinton.

She just couldn’t sit still and mind her own business. After leaving the White House, she could have had a wonderful life. She and Bill could have made millions in honest and decent ways. Instead, the temptation to make hundreds of millions was too hard to resist. She started to sell her influence, probably a little at first and it grew.

Eventually, the Clintons started to get some huge payments with her run against Obama with the likelihood that she would run a better campaign later. As Secretary of State, there was more influence to sell through the Clinton Foundation and through payments for speeches.
She probably prompted some of the largest payments into the multimillions by telling her donors that she was going to run for the presidency. It worked. Why else would Saudi Arabia donate more than $25 Million? These donors were gambling, they played the odds, and Hillary had to play the part. She had to run for president. She would have been as good as dead if she didn’t even try.

So, there she was, not knee deep, but over her head with Bill and even involving her daughter, running a criminal enterprise selling influence. She was on a path which she could no longer abandon.

This middle class woman was no innocent victim. Her greed and her ego were in step with the pragmatic need to run for president. As she and Bill were experienced presidents, she knew all the tricks to get into office, and she knew all the mischief she could inflict once she became the Queen of the kingdom.

She set this whole thing in motion, and just like the murderers we watch on Forensic Files, she thought that she was smart enough to get away with crimes about as serious as murder. She rationalized just as criminals do.

As with other criminals, once she was used to running her influence selling organization, after a while, she thought that she would never get caught. After all, Bill had been the President of the United States, and his and her prestige put them on a platform of impenetrability.

Unfortunately, for her, like most criminals, she could not anticipate every turn, every person, every nook and cranny. She probably would have gotten away with her crimes if she would have stayed as private as possible, but she just couldn’t just leave it alone. She had to go public by running for the office of the President of the United States. She had to put herself under a microscope.

Now she is getting caught. She didn’t anticipate her mistakes or that someone like Donald J. Trump would come along to expose her criminality.

While we are watching the election, seeing the beginning of the rise of Donald J. Trump, we are also going to see the decline of Hillary Clinton and what has literally turned into a crime family.

She is desperate. Her back is against a wall. She has about half of the population and most people who matter totally involved. One problem she has, though, is that her mentality has evolved and grown. Once a person strays far from the path of decency, her criminal mentality leads to more and more actions which are off the wall. She arranged for violent protestors to attend Trump rallies. She probably arranged for false testimony from Mr. Khan and the women who claimed Donald J. Trump groped them. She had no hesitation in labeling a decent man to be a bigot and a racist. She did so well that almost half of America thinks extremely poorly about Donald J. Trump. She was getting away with all this, too.
Alas she made one mistake which was the beginning of her downfall.

Hillary orchestrated the payment of more than $675,000 to one of Director Comey’s trusted agents to make sure that there would be no criminal charges against her. Due to Wikileaks, she got caught on this one.

When James Comey decided to not prosecute, I had suggested that, in time, he would be ultimately seen as an American hero, the kind who used to be played by Jimmy Stewart. He is probably a decent honest man who delegated responsibilities to his trusted men and women, and who believed what they reported.

No doubt, Agent McCabe’s wife received this sum which is huge for an FBI agent, and then, Agent McCabe used his influence to wiggle his way to manage the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails. It is no wonder she had such confidence that she would never be caught. She had infiltrated the FBI

Now, we are just past the point in the typical Forensic Files case where the police have heard allegations of unimaginable criminality from a prior president (and wife) of the United States. The police and almost half of America could not believe that someone with all that stature would become a head of a master criminal enterprise. Their imaginations just couldn’t recognize something as ridiculous to be something which is tragically true.

James Comey knows that she infiltrated his organization and corrupted one of his most trusted agents. Once the police know who committed the crime, or in this case that there was a crime, they get on the path to prove and prosecute their case. For so long, Director Comey was fed lies and he relied on the false information provided by Mr. McCabe.

Now, we are at the point where the police are looking at Hillary’s emails like a pack of hounds. They are seeing the dark side.

Now that Director Comey knows of the bribery, the bloom is off the rose. She is exposed. The police know that she is guilty. Now, they are moving at rocket speed. I am sure that Agent McCabe is no longer in charge of the investigation. Other agents, honest ones, are hitting it as fast and as thoroughly as possible.

It is just a matter of time. The FBI are on to her, and she is so guilty of so much, she will be exposed, hopefully before the election. After all, she wants all the evidence put “on the table.” She may get her wish.

I doubt that they will be able to get things together fast enough, but there is a possibility that she will be charged and arrested before the election.

Now, Hillary is able to put her mind out of reality when she performs her rally act, but there must be moments in the day when reality clicks in and she gets frightened. She must be waking up at 2:00 o’clock in the morning in a cold sweat. She knows that Mr. Comey knows. She knows that she is going to get caught. Her only hope is to become president fast enough and control the process. Mr. Comey is a true American hero who will pull the plug before that can happen. In fact, his announcement last week may have done the trick.

Donald J. Trump is right. This is worse than Watergate. This is unbelievably worse. This is an American tragedy, which even Shakespeare couldn’t have written.

As lawyers say, “The truth will out.” Hillary Clinton is a criminal who has grown to a level we see only in comic books. At this point, her goose is cooked.

Watch her at her rallies as she plays her part. Too bad that she has so many surrogates (some completely innocent) who speak for her. In this regard, we will see if the Obamas continue to support her. How did she get them to join her campaign? Will we find that she corrupted them, too?

One way or another, this is one of the greatest stories in American history. Thankfully, we have Donald J. Trump to fix so much at this point.

By Gary Abrahams



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