The real challenge is for Congress to strip the funding for Planned Parenthood. Republicans are divided on how to do it, with some inclined to fold on this issue and pass a budget that doesn’t remove PP funding but moves other anti-abortion measures. The president thinks it is such a minuscule amount, we shouldn’t be bothered by the funding. Many in Congress, however, have decided we should not be funding immoral activity, which leaves a stain on all American hands. How to defund Planned Parenthood is the battle.

1. Congress waffling to defund Planned Parenthood

2. President thinks $540M is not enough to be concerned about

“The notion that we’d play chicken with a $18 trillion economy and global markets that are already skittish all because of an issue around a woman’s health provider that receives less than 20 cents out of every $1,000 in the federal budget—that’s not good policy-making,” President Barack Obama said Wednesday at a meeting of business leaders in Washington.
what’s not good policy making is funding immoral activity. it stains all our hands.
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