In an 8-day trip, starting on September 19th, the Pope will visit Havana, Washington, D.C., and the United Nations in New York with plans to speak to Congress and to world leaders. Since, he has braided many politicians by speaking forthrightly on issues, such as the environment, the free market system, immigration, and homosexuality. His welcome may be a bit chilly.

1. Getting ready to welcome the Pope in DC

Pope Francis will be visiting Washington, D.C. on September 22, 2015

2. The Pope’s trip to be politically charged.

Pope Francis is gearing up for potentially his most politically charged trip yet, an eight-day whirlwind visit which will take him from Havana’s Revolution Square in Cuba to the headquarters of the United Nations.

The Argentine, who will become the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of Congress in Washington, has taken advantage of a summer lull at the Vatican to fine-tune his hotly awaited speeches, sources at the Holy See say.

The welcome from some American politicians is expected to be chilly. The 78-year-old’s decision to visit Havana before Washington has not gone down well, particularly as Congress has yet to lift the embargo against Cuba.

His speech to Congress will be a historic moment, and the outspoken pope will likely make no bones about the superpower’s responsibilities in leading the way on tackling pollution and embracing renewable energy. via Yahoo



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