Hillary Clinton is definitely a moderate when compared to Bernie Sanders, so she may be justified in her recent acknowledgement to being “moderate.” It reminds us of the triangulation strategy when her husband used to place himself in that acceptable political space between two other extremes. It worked then. But will it work now?

1. She is no longer extreme.

Hillary Clinton placed herself in the middle politically, acknowledging that she is a moderate Democrat.

2. From liberal fighter to moderate fighter.

“You know, I get accused of being kind of moderate and center,” Clinton told the audience at a Women for Hillary event in Ohio. “I plead guilty.”

The line is new for Clinton, who spent a large portion of her early campaign casting herself as a liberal fighter who has been progressive for her entire life. To many on the left, those lines never really rang true.

The Clintons — both Bill and Hillary — have long been seen as centrist Democrats, politicians willing to work with Republicans to strike compromise deals. Bill Clinton did this consistently in the White House, pushing free trade agreements and prioritizing debt reduction.

Clinton argued at the Columbus event that being in the “center” is a positive, not a negative.

“I think sometimes it’s important when you are in the elected arena — you try to figure out, how do you bring people together to get something done instead of just standing on the opposite sides yelling at each other,” Clinton said. via CNN



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