Whether or not the reality sunk in that he represented more of the same, the second in command declared he’s not the right person for the job. The House is looking for a party unifier, and with so many new Republicans in office who seek change, and the fact that the House Freedom Caucus had deep concerns about Kevin McCarthy replacing John Boehner as speaker, must have got to him.

1. Looking for new leadership

2. Surprise announcement opens call for unifier

Via washingtontimes.com House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy called off his bid to be the next House speaker Thursday, and the GOP canceled its internal party as it hit the panic button, stumbling toward an end-of-month deadline without a leader in sight.

Mr. McCarthy had been the clear front-runner and likely had support of a majority of House Republicans, but could not win over enough members to claim the 218 votes he’d need to win the position in an Oct. 29 vote on the full House floor.

He said it’s become clear he’s not the right person to take the reins, and said the party needs to do more searching to unify behind someone.

“This conference will have to do some deep soul-searching,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz said. “I do think it is time for a fresh start. That was the whole genesis for my campaign.”

Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential nominee and a man whom many Republicans had hoped would make a bid for Congress’ top constitutional post, again ruled himself out. “While I am grateful for the encouragement I’ve received, I will not be a candidate. I continue to believe I can best serve the country and this conference as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.”

“I think it depends on who’s willing to step up,” Rep. John Fleming, Louisiana Republican said,
complaining that too many good candidates are staying on the sidelines. Via washingtontimes.com



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