In this respect, we have to give it to Joe Biden: he admits not having the “emotional energy” needed for a long, arduous campaign. Then, to succeed and take the helm of the nation. Running for president will take an incredible sacrifice, determination, and spirit. It’s that last ingredient the eludes the current VP.

1. Biden admits lacking the “emotional energy”

2. Joe Biden being honest with decision to run

“Can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment?” the vice president asked. “The honest to God answer is, ‘I just don’t know.’” He said Thursday he wasn’t sure if he and his family have the “emotional energy” to mount a 2016 presidential run.

Biden made the comments while speaking at a synagogue in Atlanta — his first public remarks on the possibility of launching a White House bid since recent speculation has mounted. A presidential run would pit him against Hillary Clinton’s powerful-but-beleaguered operation, but the vice president said there was only one factor that mattered.

“The factor is, can I do it?” Biden wondered aloud. “Can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment that we’d be proud to undertake under ordinary circumstances? But the honest to God answer is, ‘I just don’t know.’”

Biden said he couldn’t “look you straight in the eye and say now” that he could undertake a presidential campaign. However, if he decides he and his family can take the rigors of a campaign, he “would not hesitate to do it.”

“That’s as honest as I can be,” Biden concluded. via BuzzFeed