Whenever you hear Trey Gowdy grilling someone who is before his committee, you get the feeling of watching a professional chef dice carrots with flawless speed and accuracy. Congressman Gowdy cuts relentlessly through the obfuscation and deliberate avoidance of candor to get to the facts about Benghazi. The four who were brutally murdered in Benghazi deserve the best, and they got it in Trey. Politico interviewed him and revealed the pressure he’s feeling from the media and the democrats to discredit his work. In the interview he shared how he overcomes that stress and continues without blinking, and it’s not because of a political motivation.

1. The 4 dead in Benghazi deserve justice

2. Media is out to discredit his work

Gowdy worked behind closed doors for 18 months in an effort to keep the committee’s work out of the political fray. But his strategy started unraveling after three Republicans suggested the committee was aimed at hurting Clinton in the polls. Democrats pounced, newspaper editorials called for the panel to be disbanded, and now there are calls from commentators of all stripes for Gowdy to reveal what he’s uncovered.

Gowdy believes the criticism has been demonstrably unfair — an attempt to “delegitimize” his panel and discredit his personal reputation ahead of Clinton’s high stakes testimony on Thursday.

“It’s not lost on me that the uptick in criticism is [happening] the two weeks before she’s coming,” he says. “I don’t think that that is a coincidence; it’s an attempt to marginalize and impugn the credibility of the panel that’s going to be asking her questions.”

But while he’s feeling tremendous pressure to justify his probe, opening up his investigation goes against his instincts as a former prosecutor, and he’s refusing to change his strategy just because he’s getting buried by negative coverage.

Asked about the relatively slow pace of his committee’s work, he points the finger at State, which only a few weeks ago gave him all of Clinton’s Libya emails — messages he had asked for at the start of his probe, well over a year ago.

Instead of spending the past few weeks trying to defend his panel, Gowdy has, for the most part, kept a low profile to prepare for Thursday, doing just a couple of TV hits.

The public will learn some new information Thursday, he promised, when he’ll be grateful to have the opportunity to demonstrate the worth of his investigation. via Politico

3. Relentless. Consistent. Good at it.




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