Hillary Clinton has this charming way to ignore bad news. Whether it’s the email snaggles she’s been in, saying that it’s only the media asking her about it. And then brushing off the low poll numbers in women as “people’s attention” fluctuating rather than a campaign worry.

1. Nonplussed about losing women supporters

2. She’s suffering a steep decline among women

Hillary Rodham Clinton is suffering a rapid erosion of support among Democratic women — the voters long presumed to be the bedrock in her bid to become the nation’s first female president.

The numbers in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll are an alarm siren: Where 71 percent of Democratic-leaning female voters said in July that they expected to vote for Clinton, only 42 percent do now, a drop of 29 percentage points in eight weeks.

The steep decline among women, which is sharpest among whites, is the main force driving the poll’s overall numbers, which show support for Hillary Clinton falling from 63 percent in July to 42 percent now among Democratic-leaning voters. Her numbers among women have declined to the point where they are about even with her share among men.

Clinton did not dispute the drop in support when asked about it Monday at a news conference in Cedar Falls, Iowa. “I’ve been in and around enough campaigns to know that there’s an ebb and flow,” she said. “Polls go up and down; people’s attention and decision-making changes over time. I feel very confident about where we are in the campaign and very committed to doing everything I can to make my case as effectively as possible to women and men, and I think that will be successful.”

Clinton’s most loyal supporters, on the other hand, make the case that if a former secretary of state, senator and first lady cannot win, it will be a long time before any other woman has a realistic chance.

Clinton is holding several weeks of rallies billed as “Women for Hillary,” but the message she is delivering speaks to broad concerns, focusing heavily on the economic benefits of equal pay, better child care and reproductive rights.

Some women who find themselves unable to support Clinton insist that they continue to respect and appreciate her decades of work on the causes they share. via The Washington Post




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