The following video has Clinton campaign lawyer and staff directors telling their workers to slide by the law as much as they can get away with and to use the adage “ask for forgiveness, not permission.” Violations of federal voter registration law carry up to a $20,000 penalty, yet the campaign workers for Hillary Clinton smirk it away.

1. Pattern of malfeasance in Clinton’s campaign

2. Caught violating law on tape

We uncovered a clear theme within the Nevada Clinton campaign, when it comes to the law: ask for forgiveness not permission.

Phillip Kim, a staff organizer for Hillary for America was captured on hidden camera saying: “ask for forgiveness not for permission.”

Courtney Kravitz, a Hillary for America Fellow was caught stating to one of Project Veritas Action’s undercover journalists that “I mean we kind of abide by the like ask for forgiveness type of thing.”

And Harrison Lee, another Hillary for America Fellow was caught on hidden camera admitting: “Typically the style of campaigning that we do is like, we just ask, do they support Hillary Clinton. And if we’re not allowed to do that, then we ask for forgiveness. via Project Veritas Action


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