Sexting among teenagers is prevalent, and when it’s discovered by parents or teachers, the response may not always be productive. It’s a tough way to grow up these days. Teenagers aren’t the only ones, either. Adults, according to one survey, have done it by a margin over 80%. The laws on it are not established yet. And even with services like Snapchat, the dangers are still latent.

1. Sexting among teens.

Teenagers do not know the legal snares of sexting.

2. Silly boy’s life ruined.

Simon’s mum was informed her son had ‘taken and distributed indecent images of himself’, as if Simon had spammed the entire school community with naked images of his own privates.

Her son was interrogated by the assistant head (with a policeman taking notes) so forcefully that Simon could feel the teacher’s spittle on his cheeks. The boy confessed.

The incident was recorded on a police intelligence database as a crime of making and distributing an indecent image of a child. Furthermore, the file will remain live for at least ten years, so if Simon ever wants to work with children it will pop up if an advanced CRB check is carried out.

All this is very sad. Simon is now lurking in the library at lunchtime and braving the sneers of pupils who flash him the image on their iPhones. 

But poor Simon, it turns out, had no idea that the image was either illegal or indelible, and said this explicit Snapchatting went on all the time. via Daily Mail



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