The conservatives in the House are furious with their House Speaker about his desire to expeditiously move the Iran deal vote to September 11th, both in a mockery of that anniversary and in defiance of the law the President did not follow in signing the Iran deal without Congressional approval in the first place.  They have developed a strategy to pin up John Boehner, planning to vote on a resolution to “vacate the chair.”

1. Dealing with upset conservatives.

2. John Boehner fights his own party members

Conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus have a strategy to actually kill President Barack Obama’s nuclear arms deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran—rather than “play fight” against it, as GOP leadership wants to do.

“House Freedom Caucus members are poised to demand Wednesday that Republican leaders delay a vote on an Iran disapproval resolution until the White House has revealed all ‘side deals’ with Iran,” Roll Call’s Matt Fuller wrote late Tuesday. 

According to one member he spoke with, the House Freedom Caucus members would band together to vote down a rule to bring the Iran deal disapproval resolution to the floor of the House this week, if Boehner and his leadership team insist on moving this through Congress as quickly as seems to be happening.

Voting down a rule is one of the most significant acts against one’s own party’s leadership that members can make. Voting against the rule is seen as a public protest of leadership’s strategy—in this case, not really fighting against the Obama-Iran deal—and if they’re successful in taking the rule down or forcing Democrats to vote for the rule, Boehner’s authority as Speaker of the House will be severely weakened. 

Members are furious that Boehner is considering desecrating the 14-year-anniversary of the Al Qaeda-led terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 11 as the day the House would vote to “play fight,” as National Review’s Andy McCarthy calls it, against the Iran deal rather than really trying to stop it. via Breitbart




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