She woke up English Parliament to this issue and rightfully so. That ISIS is using sexual prowess, code word for “rape,” as an enforceable policy is absolutely abhorrent to international societal norms. And it is being ignored for the most part by the world community. Angelina Jolie emphasized the horrifying and emotional toll on young women in the Islamic State, as she spoke her powerful testimony before England’s leaders. Watch Video on page 4.

1. Angelina Jolie speaks emotively before Parliament

As a notable human rights activist, she shared evidence before a House of Lords committee.

2. A huge voice for the undefended women slaves of ISIS

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie today (Sep 8, 2015) told the Houses of Parliament that ISIS is using rape as the ‘centrepoint of their terror’ as she warned of the destruction caused by sexual violence in conflict zones.

The actress and human rights activist spoke of the harrowing moment she met girls as young as seven who had been brutally raped in war zones.

Jolie, who is giving evidence to a Lords committee, said jihadist fanatics in the ‘most aggressive terrorist group in the world’ were using sex attacks as a ‘very effective weapon’.

She said the use of rape by ISIS as a ‘policy’ was a new horror that the world had not seen before and urged a ‘very, very strong response’ to the terror group in Iraq and Syria.

‘The most aggressive terrorist group in the world today knows what we know, knows that it is a very effective weapon and they are using it as a centrepoint of their terror and their way of destroying communities and families, and attacking and dehumanising.’

She said ISIS in Iraq and Syria dictates the use of rape as ‘policy’, adding: ‘This is what is beyond something we have seen before. This is actually put into their policy.

‘They are saying “we should do this, this is the right way to build a society, so we tell you to rape”.’

‘We really have to have a very, very strong response at this time to this particular group on this issue.’ via Daily Mail

3. Angelina met with young girls in Syrian refugee camps.

4. Angelina Jolie’s Testimony in House of Lords

5. Sincerely beseeching the leaders to do something



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